Memberships & Drop Ins

Membership at Ironstone

At Ironstone, your success is our motivation. To be truly successful on your fitness journey you need to commit to making it a lifestyle. To that end, we reward your commitment to fitness and us, by decreasing the cost to you. These are not complicated contracts with hidden fees – we won’t ask for an arm in exchange for your new legs. This is simply a commitment to a certain number of recurring payments over time – sign up for longer and we will reward you with savings. Can’t stay? You can cancel anytime with no odd penalty fees or hidden costs. Please read our Member FAQ to find out more about our cancellation policies.

We use Pike13 as our member registration solution. To start a membership please following the purchase links below and sign up for your classes in advance.

Month-to-Month Membership
$145 + HST

No long term commitments

6 Month Membership Commitment
$140 + HST

Save $5 each month

12 Month Membership Commitment
$130 + HST

Best Value! Save $15 each month

Drop In Passes & Punch Cards

Not looking for a monthly membership? We offer drop on rates for out of town visitors or those who aren’t able to attend class on a set schedule.

Single Drop In
$20 including HST

(or a T-shirt purchase)

10 Class Punch Card
$140 plus HST

Membership FAQs

  • Do I need a credit card?

    Our monthly plans require a credit card to access as we use recurring automatic payments. To purchase individual passes or other merchandise items we accept cash and debit.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    If you need to cancel your membership for any reason there are no complicated fees, penalties, or clauses to allow you out. Simply pay the difference between the level you signed up for and the next tier down by multiplying what you saved per month by the number of months you saved it for and that’s it. Talk to a staff member to find out more.

  • Can you give me an example?

    Sure! Say you sign-up for a 1 year membership but decide to cancel after 8 months – the next “tier” down is the 6 month rate, which is $10/month more expensive. You saved $80 more than people with 6 month commitments over the 8 months by paying recurring payments at the 12 month rate, so that is the cost to cancel.

  • But I have to go away for work, I don’t want to pay if I can’t use it!

    …and we won’t make you. If you are forced away for work we will allow you to pause your membership and resume it when you return. Our awesome software allows us to extend your membership and put it on hold with a set date to start back up again. NOTE: this will not be done retroactively; kindly speak to a staff member before you leave or email two weeks beforehand.

  • Can I also put my membership on pause for vacation or other circumstances?

    If you departure is NOT work related travel we will still be glad to put a hold on your membership. The length of time varies by membership type (see terms at purchase) but for those with a 1-year membership we will allow a cumulative hold for non-work related reasons up to 4 weeks.

  • What if I hurt myself, can I cancel without penalty or put it on hold for longer then?

    We are glad you asked. Broadly speaking, medical related issues will be assessed on a case by case basis. However, we are focused on holistic health at Ironstone and believe that motion is lotion. If you have an injury we encourage you to get back in the gym as your doctor says it is okay and start the rehabilitation process. We have excellent staff who will help you scale and modify appropriate to your rehabilitation needs and easy access to healthcare experts that can help you through the recovery process.

  • Do you give discounts for Police/Fire/Military/Teachers/Students?

    At CrossFit Ironstone we don’t believe in assigning discounts to people arbitrarily based on their chosen occupation, relationship status, or any other biographical data. We believe everyone should receive the exact same quality service for the same price. Our only discount structure is our commitment length, and that rate will be offered to you forever as long as your membership doesn’t lapse.

  • What if I sign-up for 6 months now but decide I want to stay?

    We would argue you are doing it backwards. If you followed our calculation above and you sign-up for 12 months but decide to quit after 6, you will end up paying the exact same price as a 6 month membership would have cost anyways, so there is really no incentive not to sign-up for longer. Further, we will not change your membership tier retroactively; meaning if you decide to stick around after 6 months we will not go back and refund the difference.

  • If I stay after 1/6/12 months what happens?

    Your account will continue to be billed (until you cancel your membership) at the same price you are currently paying. in a 12 month membership the minimum number of payments is 12, but the maximum is indefinite, so you will be able to continue on as a member grandfathered into the membership price you currently have forever unless you cancel your membership.