Memberships & Drop Ins

Membership at Ironstone

Ironstone Strength & Conditioning offers two core fitness programs: CrossFit and our own unique collection of classes we call Ironstone Fitness. Our memberships are a services based structure, which means that the more programs and services you are interested in using the higher the base cost. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it means you can access individual services you are interested in more economically. For instance, Yoga would be $20 per visit on top of your CrossFit membership to drop-in. However, with the all-in membership you can add-on unlimited monthly yoga access for $15.

If you are at Ironstone for CrossFit and only CrossFit your choice is simple—the CrossFit Ironstone Unlimited plan. If you are only interested in taking our Ironstone Group Fitness Classes such as Yoga and Strength Biased Interval Training, then a Fitness Membership is all you need. For others, a plan add-on or the all-in membership may be the best fit. Please talk to one of our amazing staff to help find the best fit for you!

Ironstone Fitness
Fitness class for your lifestyle to get exactly what you need!

Get unlimited access to:

  • forged STRENGTH
  • rendered YOGA
  • tempered YOGA
  • combusted HIIT
  • BEGINNER CrossFit

Package add-ons for individual program design, Open Gym access, Barbell Club, and other service discounts available.

CrossFit Ironstone
CrossFit pure & simple. Build a broad, inclusive base of fitness!

Get unlimited access to:

  • CrossFit
  • Weightlifting TECHNIQUE
  • Open Gym access
  • Competitor’s Program
  • Discounted Workshops

Package add-ons for individual program design, nutrition coaching, and other service discounts available.

All-In Unlimited
For those who want to do whatever we offer, whenever!

Get unlimited access to all classes from CrossFit Ironstone and Ironstone Fitness programs for one price.

Mix & match depending on your interested and how you are feeling each day.

Includes all package add-ons and service discounts from other membership options.

Add-On Programs and Services

Add-ons can help you customize your membership plan at Ironstone to make it the best fit for you. The following are some of our most frequently selected:

Individual Program Design
  • Weekly workout plans for Ironstone Fitness plan members.
  • Includes Open Gym access.

+ $80 / month

PT Hybrid Package
  • 2 × Personal Training sessions monthly
  • Individual program design
  • Includes Open Gym access

+ $165 / month

Performance Accelerator

30 minute 1-on-1 skill session with skills, drills & homework.

You pick the skill, we do the rest.

$30 / session

CrossFit Foundations
  • Registration in the CrossFit Foundations course for existing Ironstone Fitness members.

$80 / 4 weeks

Nutrition Coaching
  • Current Nutritional Assessment Macronutrient Plan & Schedule
  • Weekly Progress Review

+ $80 / month

Weightlifting Club
  • Barbell Club Membership
  • Team Training Sessions

+ $10 / month

Additional $20 if Open Gym access required

Member Holds & Cancellations

Read more about how our members can make changes to their memberships and how to action them by visiting our online membership change request form page. Membership management is the only thing at Ironstone that we promise will be painless!