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Ironstone Balance is a portfolio of group classes that are programmed to target specific areas of functional fitness that are necessary for a full and balanced life: Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility. In our experience most new clients want to sweat and work hard so that the feel accomplished, but sometimes this can lead to prioritizing the wrong things. We’ve designed these classes to be equal parts of what you want to feel and what you need to improve your fitness. It’s all about Balance!

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Our BLAST class is the foundation of our Balance program. This 45 minute Interval class uses three unique styles to work on power, strength, durability, and conditioning. BURN zeros in on your aerobic an anaerobic conditioning with focused cardiovascular work with running, rowing, skiing and biking. BEND adds stretching, flexibility, and steady stability work to your routine. What do you need?

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BLAST, BURN, & BEND are all entry level classes – you can sign up for a class today. That doesn’t mean they will be easy, just less technically challenging. We will coach you as you go but there is not need for a lengthy onramp to jump in these classes. Because of the unique interval format the harder you work, the harder it will be, which means no matter your current fitness level you are going to get a good workout.

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3 Unique Classes with a Focus on Balance



Blast is an interval-based fitness program designed for all fitness levels and is the centerpiece class in the balance program. Each class will have a different focus depending on the day and programming: strength/power, durability, and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning. Expect to work hard and sweat using full-body movements and exercises. Movements will be less technical in nature (no barbell lifts for instance) but still pack a big punch!



Build your engine using Aerobic and Anaerobic intervals. Intervals will range from short (1:5 / work : rest) to long (5:1) with the odd time-trial or long aerobic piece mixed in. Sweaty, messy, terrible but oh-so-good for your conditioning. We will focus on purely monostructural movements: running, rowing, biking, skiing and will mix and match equipment as needed.



Recovery & movement prep for athletes, Yoga Style. Flow through postures, holds and stretches that support full range of motion, injury prevention, relaxation, and awareness. Static holds will support positional strength. Topped off with a bit of core to strengthen your midline. The best part of yoga in a package specifically designed for athletic pursuits.

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