Ironstone has a ton of services and programs to offer you. We’ve narrowed down our free class options to three tracks. Pick one of the options and complete the form to register for a free class and see for yourself what makes our community so special.

  • Community Class is the best way to start your weekend! This is a high energy, tough, sweaty bootcamp style class run in a large group format. We routinely have 30-50 people for this class but not to worry, we have the flow, safety, and efficiency dialed in. We plan for this class every week and it is often a highlight for our existing members and newcomers alike.

    If this is your first time with us don’t worry! This workout can be easily modified for your current fitness level no matter what level you are at. You control your own intensity. If you want a blast of sweat and motivation sprinkled with lots of social connection this is an awesome class to try.

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  • BLAST is our core General Fitness Class at Ironstone. Each class is 45 minutes and designed for all fitness levels.  We use alternating days of short, medium, and long intervals in our Focused Intensity Interval Training (FIIT) format to target different aspects of fitness: Power (fast-paced classic HIIT), Strength (reps and sets with weight), and Endurance (long slow grinds).

    BURN is all about improving your cardiorespiratory engine with Aerobic and Anaerobic intervals. Plain and simple it is Sweaty, messy, terrible but oh-so-good for your conditioning that focuses on purely monostructural movements such as running, rowing, biking, skiing.

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  • CrossFit is a core fitness program focused on developing your general physical preparedness (GPP) so that you look, feel, and perform your best in everyday life. If you want to challenge yourself, you like to routinely learn & try new skills, and enjoy a varied approach to fitness where the movements and methods are ever changing this might be the program for you.

    Ironstone also offers a Strength Training group class Called BUILD. However, it is critical that you already know and have been instructed on the basics of the big lifts before attending. Build class is all about getting stronger and our main tool is a barbell. You will squat, deadlift, bench, clean, press, and do lots of accessory work.

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