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Try A Free Class At

Have you done CrossFit at an affiliate before?

When it comes to getting started, we have options for every experience level. Let us know below if you have done CrossFit with a coach before (in an affiliate or with a personal trainer) and we can guide you straight to a class you can try out FOR FREE to see what Ironstone has to offer.

Want to know more about why your experience level matters?
Check out our Philosophy and Getting Started Pages.

You could be a true beginner who has never exercised before. Maybe you’re a recreational athlete who has been exercising on your own for a few years or more.

You’ve done CrossFit before and can perform most of the movements. Maybe you’re returning after some time off or you’re looking to try a new gym in Halifax.

New? No problem. We have great class options for beginners!

If you haven’t done CrossFit at an affiliate before or haven’t completed a foundations package that includes the olympic lifts not to worry; we’ve still got great classes for you to try! Our Community Class on Saturdays, Beginner CrossFit Class on on Sundays, and Mobility Classes are all open for you to try. All you need to do is fill out the contact form on the right of this page and you will be taken directly to a schedule so you can sign up.

Try a Free Class today and find out why so many people love training at Ironstone!

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Experienced CrossFitters can drop in on any class we offer.

If you’ve done CrossFit at an Affiliate before we trust that you’ve been taught how to move safely in a busy class environment and that you know the basics of barbell work (including olympic lifting), gymnastics, and conditioning. Fill out the contact form and a few other bits on the right and it will take you right to a schedule so you can get signed-up for a class. Please just talk to the coach when you arrive and tell us more about you and your athletic history so we can assess what you may need as an athlete and where you may need help scaling the workouts.

Try a Free Class Today and find out how our classes will help you reach your goals!

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