We want to help Unleash You.

That means enforcing safe, efficient, and proper movement patterns for all of the clients and athletes that train with us. You can’t be your best self if you are injured and you won’t stick with us if we ask you to do things you aren’t trained to do or prepared for. Depending on which class program most interests you, there may be some pre-requisites before you can attend a class. This goes especially for our CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting programs as the barbell movements are highly technical and group classes are fast paced. BUILD, our strength focused group class, also requires prior instruction on the Barbell Lifts in order to get the most out of the class. It wouldn’t be fair to ask you to back squat for strength or snatch if you’ve never been taught how to unrack a barbell properly. The right time to teach these things isn’t during our group classes so we run a separate foundations course to provide that instruction.

Our BLAST Interval-based fitness class requires no prior experience or instruction and you can jump right in. The same is true for our supporting classes: BENDBURN, and Community. For any of the classes in this group just make an account, sign-up for a class time, and you will be issued a free pass to try it out. We encourage all new-to-fitness members at Ironstone to sign-up for a an Ironstone Fitness membership and commit to 30 days of BLAST classes even if their eventual goal is to switch to CrossFit or BUILD. This approach will help you build a a great baseline level of fitness that you can carry forward in pursuit of your goals and condition your body to the rigors of regular exercise.

A simple way to put it is that some classes are more technically demanding than others because of the barbell. We call this divide the “barbell line” and if you cross it you need to first be taught how to use it effectively. Check out the graphic below to get a better understanding of the technical demands of our classes and then choose the profile that best matches you below for more information on how to get started.

Chart shows the technical demands of each of our classes

Which Profile best matches YOU?

I have Limited Fitness Experience or I'm just looking for a great High Intensity Fitness Class to support my General Fitness Goals

Straight to Class

If you are experience with HIIT classes and Bootcamps and are looking to try something new and challenging, BLAST is also an amazing option. BLAST classes are barbell free but still very challenging. Check our our Group Classes page and read about how BLAST will help you build functional strength and fitness to last a lifetime. Ready to give it a try? Click the button below and sign-up for a BLAST class to see what we are all about.

Even if you have limited experience with group fitness classes you can jump straight into our BLAST, BURN, BEND or Community classes. Our Fitness classes are designed so that you manage your own intensity level. Our Coaches will help you pick movements and loads that meet you where you are and help you along in your fitness journey. We strongly believe that BLAST class is a great place to start or resume your fitness journey.

I want to do BUILD, CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting but I have no experience & I need to learn how to move safely first.

Foundations Group Classes

Foundations is the normal avenue for most individuals to access our group classes. Our barbell foundations program is designed to teach you what you need to know to get started in our group classes. Our 6 session series runs in two options: Twice a week for 3 weeks (Mon/Thurs evening) and once a week for 6 weeks (Sunday noon). Each class will include a short talk on an important fitness topic, instruction on one or two of the major lifts (e.g. Back Squat, Clean, Jerk, etc.) and in some sessions some work capacity work to help boost your fitness level.

We encourage participants in our foundations program to sign-up for a Ironstone Fitness Membership at the same time if they are not currently physically active elsewhere. A Fitness membership gives you access to our BLAST, BURN, & BEND classes along with Mobility and Community. Existing Ironstone Fitness members can enrol in Foundations with a 50% discount.

If you are ready to purchase, follow this link to purchase the Barbell Foundations Group classes and then send us an email to let us know you have purchased to get signed up for the next course session start!

Foundations via Private Sessions

If you really want to get started with Barbell classes but can’t attend our normally scheduled foundations sessions, private coaching may be right for you. Additionally, if any of the following apply you may find the Private Coaching can offer you a better solution getting started:

  • If your goals include significant weight loss
  • If you have orthopedic injuries, adaptation requirements, or mobility limitations
  • If you are pregnant or just had a child
  • If you are brand new to exercise
  • If you have trouble staying accountable
  • If you have very specific performance goals for a sport.

Not sure who you want to work with or how to book? email us and we will help you get setup with private 1-on-1 foundations sessions. If you are ready to purchase, follow this link to purchase the 1-on-1 option.

I want to do BUILD, CrossFit or Weightlifting and I have Experience with Barbell Lifts under supervision

Schedule a Test Out

If you are an experienced athlete who is comfortable performing basic gymnastics (ring dips, pull-ups, handstands), power lifts, and the Olympic lifts and you have no significant injury history you can request to test out rather than attend the Foundations program to gain immediate access. Please note that we have high standards, so if you are unsure whether testing out is the right option for you then please take advantage of our foundations program.

To schedule an appointment with a coach email us. The test will be 1 hour of directed skill work and will include a workout at the end to evaluate how you move under fatigue.

Transferring In From Another Gym

You don’t need to go through Foundations or beginner sessions again if you have been doing CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting at another registered CrossFit affiliate or Weightlifting gym for a reasonable amount of time. We will ask about your experience level, goals, and where you trained and then keep a closer eye on you in the beginning until we are comfortable you are adequately experienced to move safely and efficiently in a group class environment.

Send us an email or stop by 15-20 minutes ahead of class to get signed up.