The right class to match your Goals


Blast is a 45 minutes fitness program designed for all fitness levels.  We use alternating days of short, medium, and long intervals in our Focused Intensity Interval Training (FIIT) format to target different aspects of fitness: Power (fast-paced classic HIIT), Strength (reps and sets with weight), and Endurance (long slow grinds). Expect to work hard and sweat using full-body movements and exercises. This class is Barbell Free!


Build is a strength-focused group class using compound movements and classic strength & conditioning techniques. Expect variations of the powerlifts, olympic lifts, accessory exercises and a generous dose of core work mixed with functional conditioning, agility, & aerobic work in this program. This class-based program is all about getting stronger, promoting the growth of lean muscle mass, and improving body composition.


CrossFit is a Core Strength & Conditioning program designed expose participants to a very broad and inclusive fitness protocol. Strength training, weightlifting, conditioning, gymnastics, kettlebell and many other disciplines are combined in a constantly varied high intensity protocol which focuses on promoting increased work capacity through functional movement. If you want to get in the best overall shape of your life, this is the class for you.

Supplement your Program


Community is our Free weekly bootcamp style class on Saturday Mornings. This class is typically very large and energetic, but is accessible to a full range of fitness levels since each person decides how hard they want to push things. Expect a combination of bodyweight exercises, conditioning, and low skill weighted movements with kettlebells and medicine balls. Bring your towel – this one is a sweat fest! *NOTE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID*


Build your engine using Aerobic and Anaerobic intervals. Intervals will range from short (1:5 / work : rest) to long (5:1) with the odd time-trial or long aerobic piece mixed in. Sweaty, messy, terrible but oh-so-good for your conditioning. We will focus on purely monostructural movements: running, rowing, biking, skiing and will mix and match equipment as needed.


This class is a guided practice designed to increase range of motion, improve positioning, become more stable, flexible, and increase tissue quality. Learning how to perform routine maintenance will limit injury risk and decrease nagging pain which you may have been living with for years. Expect a combination of active release and trigger point work, stretching, and rehabilitative exercises.

Sharpen: Weightlifting Technique

The Olympic Sport of Weightlifting is the Snatch, Clean & Jerk. These two competition lifts create one of the greatest expressions of human strength and power. It also happens that Weightlifting is one of the hardest technical sports to learn. This class is designed to diagnose technical faults and apply corrective and technical exercises to improve weightlifting technique and efficiency. A perfect match for your Build, CrossFit, or Weightlifting pursuits!

Looking for Open Gym or Unstructured Training Time?

Strength Platform Reservation

70 Minute bookings on a dedicated Strength Platform all to yourself. Everything you need for your strength workout is there – squat racks, benches, Kg Bumper plates, and clamp collars. Shared accessory equipment in this rea includes pulley systems for lat pulls, rows, and leg extensions, a Reverse Hyper, specialty benches for hip thrusts, and easy access to Kettlebells and dumbbells for your accessory work. There are also several sets of jerk blocks. Your time is valuable and there is no need to wait for equipment.

Open Gym

Book an Open Gym space to attack your own workout, follow your own (or another program) or tackle some weakness work. There are two Open Gym areas: Turfside (small capacity) & Main Gym. Both areas require booking in advance and have a maximum capacity.  Main Gym reservations occur in 2-hour chunks and are only available Mornings and afternoons between our classes in the main space. Turfside bookings are available at various points throughout the day. Currently there are no high rings on the turfside. Book an Open Gym space and get training!

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