Strong For Life Classes at Ironstone

This program is targeted towards our retirement or near-retirement population looking to regain lost strength and function to improve quality of life as they age. The goal of this class is to rebuild strength, restore function, and increase mobility in a fun, safe, and social environment.

Why Strong For Life?

One of the greatest health concerns related to aging is decreases in mobility and strength. Decreases in muscle mass and mobility can significantly impair day-to-day function and restrict activity level and enjoyment as we age. What starts as small deficits become amplified as more activities and positions are avoided. Insert a history of injury and the result is often severely decreased function as we age.

Strong For Life is a class focused on reversing specific deficits to strength and mobility through the practice of varied, functional movements. There is no age restriction on this program and it is open to ALL activity levels including those who have been inactive for a long period of time.

What will a class be like?

Strong For Life uses a combination of loaded and bodyweight movements to develop body awareness, strength, balance, and stamina. Expect to perform a combination weight training, bodyweight exercises, and moderate intensity conditioning work; all of which will be appropriately scaled to your current level of fitness and safe range of motion. You will spend dedicated time working on your technique, movement patterns, and strength in a supportive social environment that encourages safe but efficient progress.

We currently offer one class time at 10:30 AM on both Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Strong For Life. This class is open to any experience level and runs independent of our unlimited membership classes. In order to participate on an ongoing basis you will be required to purchase a strong for life punch card, but your first visit is on the house!

Our Strong For Life Classes

Use the calendar navigation buttons to look at future or past dates. We currently offer classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Long term health starts with strength.