Fitness & Mobility Assessments at Ironstone

Fitness and Mobility Assessments are about finding your baseline. Mobility Assessments are a structured way to examine your current range of motion and what restrictions may be impairing your function. Fitness Assessments are designed to help you understand your areas of biggest weakness and what you may need to work on.

Why a Fitness or Mobility Assessment?

The ability to achieve a full range of motion at each joint and as an entire system is a precursor to efficiency, technical mastery, and pain free movement. A 1-on-1 mobility assessment will help to determine if you have any problem areas, imbalances, or particularly troublesome issues requiring referral to a health service provider. Basic corrective exercises and mobility techniques will be prescribed by the trainer and they will prepare a brief report on your behalf to guide you in your next steps.

Fitness testing allows us to measure your current ability against a benchmark. In many cases, athletes who choose to complete a fitness assessment are preparing for an institutional fitness test as part of a job application to police, fire, military or paramedical school. In other cases an athlete may just want to have a better understanding of their weaknesses and strengths. Following a fitness assessment we will be able to prescribe a specific program to improve the benchmark areas required for your pursuits.

Interested in having a fitness test developed as a selection instrument for your team or company? Send us an email. We have the expertise and training in house to develop a valid selection test for the physical attributes you require.

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