Massage and Manual Therapy

Massage at Ironstone is provided by our resident RMT and Coach Lisa McNeil on-site. This is a therapeutic sport massage designed to improve or restore your function, improve tissue quality, and address any nagging issues that might spring up from intense exercise. This is not a relaxing spa massage – don’t expect to fall asleep on her table.

Why Massage and Manual Therapy?

Sports massage is particularly effective at speeding up recovery, improving tissue quality, decreasing soreness and treating and preventing injury. The result is an athlete that can move better and train more consistently. Secondary benefits also include improved blood flow and better sleep. Manual therapies are listed separately as Lisa is also trained in cupping massage and Graston techniques, which can be specifically used to address  fascial restrictions and reduce adhesions. Mixed with triggerpoint therapy and myofascial release you’ll be ready to train hard in no time!

What to Expect from a Treatment

Sport massage isn’t really meant to be pleasurable. Sure, you’ll leave feeling loose, restored, and with a mindset to get back to training but during a session sport massage and trigger point work can be quite intrusive and painful. Lisa will skillfully adapt to your needs, but don’t expect it to be soft and relaxing. Functional work will leave you sore and feeling a bit drained following – don’t plan to train hard immediately after and appointment.

Sessions can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes. During that time the focus will be on a few, specific areas that need detailed attention. There will not be sufficient time for a full body massage if the treatment is done properly. We do not direct bill but we can issue a receipt with registration information which will allow you to submit a claim to your benefits provider. Sessions must be paid for in full immediately following.

Online Booking Portal

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Massage Feels Great - Ever Thought About Trying a Class?