Nutrition Coaching at Ironstone

Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness and learning how to eat to fuel your body properly is the single most important skill an athlete or client can learn. Once you learn how to eat in a structured way that balances food quality and quantity you will see drastic improvements in your body composition and performance.  Over time, healthy eating becomes second nature and crash diets and restrictions will be a thing of the past.

Why Nutrition Coaching?

Most people know they should eat better, or at least eat differently, but aren’t sure where to start. Diet (how you eat) is the single most important factor when it comes to preserving long-term health and fitness. From proper nutrition we can fuel our bodies to train and function as high performance machines all while achieving a better body composition. A nutrition coach can help you sift through the complicated jargon and pseudoscience and get you onto a structured eating plan that matches your goals. If you don’t know what a macro-nutrient is or have specific dietary needs that’s okay, the plan will be 100% custom fit to you and your needs.

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, recover better after workouts, feel more alert, or train for longer durations without losing intensity dialed in nutrition is a must.

What to expect from an appointment

Our intake process is very structured, but that helps us get to know you. When you book a consult your coach will email you a questionnaire to complete and return, asking about your measurements, your goals, any special dietary needs, an other relevant criteria. You will also complete a 3 day food log so they can gt a better understanding of the challenges you might be facing.

In your consult appointment your coach will walk you through what they see in your diet currently and how you may need to change your eating patterns to match your goals. You will get a personal report that describes where you are currently and our recommendations for daily calorie targets, macronutrient breakdowns, feeding times, and portion sizes. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions so you are prepared to get started. You will even get sample meals ideas to make the first few weeks as easy as possible. From there, expect a follow-up appointment each month to discuss any changes, problems, or questions and to help keep you on track.

Nutrition consults need to be booked at least 5 days in advance for first-time clients so that you have time to complete the intake survey and have it analyzed.

Appointment Openings

Use the schedule arrows to scan through each day and look for available appointments already on the schedule. You will need to book at least 5 days out. Don’t see anything at first glance that works? View the full services list.

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