Membership Change

If you are looking for how to make changes to your membership you’ve come to the right place! The form options below submit directly to our administrative staff and will be actioned at earliest convenience. Please take some time on each tab to determine what membership change is most appropriate for you based on the requirements for each. Holds temporarily suspend your membership while you are unable to attend the gym while Cancellations end your membership at Ironstone.

Hold Policy

Members at Ironstone can put their memberships on hold for a maximum of 3 months in a calendar year in order to get more out of their monthly payments when they need to travel for work or would like to take a vacation. When requesting a hold please note that it must have a firm start and end date (holds cannot be indefinite). We ask for two business days notice in order to action your hold request by the time of your departure. They cannot be applied retroactively.

The minimum hold length is 7 days without being able to use your membership. There must also be at least 7 days between holds if, for instance, you need to travel for a week, return for a week, and travel for work for two more. If you plan to be away for periods exceeding 3 months then a cancellation may be more appropriate.

What if I want to hold for longer than that?

If you need a longer hold or you’ve gone past 3 months in a calendar year we invite you to cancel and resume your membership when you return.

    Membership Hold Request Form


    Cancellation Policy

    Members of Ironstone are free to cancel at any time with two weeks notice. Please complete the form below and it will be actioned by one of our admin staff as requested.

    If your next recurring bill is less than two weeks away and you wish to have your membership to be ceased before that date (i.e. in fewer than two weeks) your request will be subject to a late cancel fee of $50. Alternatively you could elect to convert your next membership payment to a punch card if this makes practical sense for you.

    Cancellations cannot be processed retroactively and will be applied to your membership as of the date requested following the two-week requirement.

    What if I’m only away for a little while?

    Sometimes work, school, or life gets in the way. We may be able to put a hold on your membership until you’re ready to return.

      Membership Cancellation Request Form

      Please complete the fields below and submit the form in order to request cancellation. This will ensure accuracy and help us understand the needs of our clients better. We appreciate any information you can provide.

      Please elaborate as much as you are comfortable and let us know how we did!