Personal Training

Address specific training goals or needs with a coach dedicated just to you. Personal training is a great option for everything from getting in shape to learning or refining a skill or sport specific training.

Athletic Team Training

Improve your sports team’s General Physical Preparedness by improving baseline speed, power, durability and conditioning. If you are looking for an edge on the field, ice, or court, we can help.

Corporate Training & Education

Occupational Health and Wellness is one of our sub-specialties at Ironstone. Looking for a presentation at the office, your next team building event, or a corporate gym membership program? Find out more!

Custom Training Programs

For the Demands of ANY occupation

Tailored Programming

Private training options allow us to tailor the programming directly to you and your needs more closely than in a group class setting. Each session will reflect what you or your group needs to work on next and feed into a plan designed to help you reach your long term goals while considering your fitness history and ability.

If you are using any of our private training services (Personal Training, Team Training, Corporate Bookings) then tailored programming is part of the service you are receiving. However, if you are an athlete or group in need of a program to accomplish a specific goal, fully customized programming packages are something we offer.

Dedicated Coaching Staff

When you sign up for private training services you will be assigned a coach to manage you or your team’s training services. Having the same coach visit after visit ensures you develop a lasting relationship which can help them guide you to your goals faster – they know what areas you need to focus on, your background, and where you are headed.

Are you looking for certain qualities in a coach? If so shoot us an email beforehand and we will do our best to assign the coach who we think is the best fit to you or your group based on their schedule and background. You will be able to liaise with them directly to book appointments, ask questions, and set your next big goal.

Individual Programming Packages & Performance Coaching

No matter if you are a weightlifter, runner, CrossFit Competitor or just trying to ace the police fitness test we have the expertise and staff to help you reach your next performance goal.