Corporate Training at Ironstone

Employers have an amazing opportunity to invest in the health and productivity of their personnel. When a company supports and empowers fitness everyone wins! At Ironstone we have many ways to help with your Corporate Fitness culture ranging from lunch and learn sessions and corporate team building workouts to full-scale fitness memberships.

Why Create a Corporate Program?

When we factor in the potential increase in day-to-day productivity from the many cognitive and health benefits, encouraging exercise is a great way to boost your output. The health benefits will lead to increased well-being and less lost-time days due to sickness or health concerns. A fit employee is also capable of higher sustained maximal output in times of need – with that deadline looming you want your best in their best shape.

Exercise is also a great way for upper management to interact with employees in an informal environment which can mean more information sharing up and down the chain and better working relationships. Employees who participate in physical activity together and share difficult experiences develop closer relationships – this means better teamwork from your teams. A fit organization also means more opportunities for team building events that don’t revolve around alcohol and food. Exercise is also a clear path to improved well-being as an individual. When it comes to improving self-confidence, promoting social interaction, developing a routine, improving sleep quality, and defeating hypertension, exercise is unparalleled in its ability to systemically improve the day-to-day experiences of your employees. Support your employees in their efforts to thrive – support opportunities for fitness, healthy eating, and work-life balance.

How Can Ironstone Help?

We offer 3 programs which can be used together or separately to address your different organizational needs. To book any of these options shoot us a message using the contact form below and we will get back to you with pricing. Want to get together to talk about a longer term strategy for your company that may include a fitness facility in your building? We would love to be involved.


We come in and talk about health, fitness, nutrition, or injury prevention in the workplace

Team Building

We run a team building session at the gym with a group sweat at Ironstone.

Gym Memberships

A membership program designed so you can pay for a portion or the full cost of your employee’s gym memberships.

Because of Ironstone I am more alert because I am sleeping better, I have more energy and it has showed me a confidence I never knew I had. In general, I am just happier and healthier then I have ever been.

Heather Kowalski, BA, HR ADp
Senior Recruitment Specialist, Meridia

Pricing & Availability

Corporate Training Packages that include Presentations and Team Building Sessions are priced on a custom basis based on the number of services requested, number of employees in attendance, and preferred times. Our rates for corporate sponsored gym memberships are set and published on our Membership and testimonials fact sheet below.


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