Why Personal Training?

Sometimes you just need individual attention. Personal training is the best way to have a coach focused only on your individual needs during your fitness session. Guaranteed that through personal training you will maximize your progress as your coach organizes sessions specifically written for your current level of ability. Personal Training is also a great option if you are a regular class participant but want some focused attention on technique or want to conquer a plateau. Reasons to consider personal training:

You have a very specific goal you want to achieve with a limited window of time.
This will be a faster path than group classes as they are designed for General, well rounded fitness. For example, if you are signed up for a obstacle race in 8 weeks we need to maximize stamina, upper body hanging and pulling strength and running technique and efficiency rather than every possible skill.

You have specific scaling or injury need that needs close attention.
If you have a significant injury history, disability, or risk factors that need a closer eye then personal training will help you and your coach work closely in the short term to troubleshoot what you cannot currently do and what you are working towards. We recommend PT as the first step for anyone on an insurance approved Return to Work program.

You prefer or need 1 on 1 or very small group attention.
Sometimes we just want to be the center of attention. This may be a long term option for you if you prefer to establish a very close relationship with your trainer and have them watch your every move. This is also a great short term way to learn a specific skillset you may have difficulty capturing in a class environment. Just finished foundations but still not comfortable enough to go on to group classes? Lets schedule a few PT sessions and prove to you that you can do this.

A personal training session will be whatever you need it to be and can be scheduled at any convenient time for you that syncs up with your preferred coach’s availability. We can arrange personal training sessions for individuals and for groups up to 3 people.

To book a session reach out to our team at info@ironstonestrength.com and tells us about your goals and your normal availability. From there we will connect you with a staff member to book will ask you to purchase some sessions based on the published rates below.

Personal Training Rates

Session Size 1 Session 5 Session Package 10 Session Package
1 Person $60 per session $55 per session $50 per session
2 People $90 per session or $45per person $80 per session or $40 per person $70 per session or $35 per person
3 People $135 per session or $45per person $120 per session or $40 per person $105 per session or $35 per person