Athletic Team Training at Ironstone

Sport specific group training can be a challenge for coaches and volunteers. Often they excel in training sport specific skills but are less knowledgeable in strength & conditioning and how to prevent injuries for their athletes. Field and ice time can be expensive – let us take over the strength and conditioning for you using our 3-layered approach for training athletes.

Why Train Here?

As a Coach or a volunteer with a sports team your time with your athletes is valuable and needs to be spent working on sport specific skills and drills, practice, and game planning. Ice, field and court time can be costly and hard to come by – don’t spend that time where you don’t need to; Leave the General Physical conditioning to us and you worry about the rest.

Team training is an efficient way to work on the likely shared general movement patterns and deficiencies we see in specific sport athletes. It is also a great team-building activity for off-season teams to keep everyone training hard and working towards a common goal. Team training sessions allow us to combine the best parts of group fitness classes and strength & conditioning programs by developing a training plan that meets the needs of your athletes and then delivering it in a group format.

What will a session be like?

The gym is not the arena, rink or court. The best use of your time in the gym is not in replicating the movements of the sport but instead to shore up weakness and improve general physical conditioning. We use a 3-tier system for addressing athletes GPC needs by focusing on what will keep them on the field of play longer before moving on to improving athletic output. Your athletes will get faster, and more powerful, but in a way that decreases in-game injury risk.

Expect to see a variety of classical and modern strength & conditioning approaches in mixed modalities. Athletes will squat, pull and press to build strength, do dedicated core and accessory work to shore of weaknesses, and hit hard, time domain appropriate conditioning pieces to develop the required conditioning for their chosen discipline and to improve training efficacy. Movement quality will be a common theme regardless of age, although we will work with heavier loads as athletes get older and become more competitive.

Pricing & Availability

Costs for team training are variable based on the size of the team, the number of sessions per week and the length of the commitment. Please fill out this form if you are interested in a quote for team training services and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

Preferred time slots are not guaranteed, but will help us better determine availability or if we can support. If you are very flexible please identify other options in the comments section.


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