Effective 01 October 2022 Out rates will be increasing, key changes as follows (pre-tax):

Fitness Unlimited: $115/month to $120/month

Strength & Conditioning Unlimited: $140/month to $150/month

Premium: $155/month to $165/month

Personal Training will increase to $75/single session and $600/10 sessions.


Punch Cards and other rates will also increase. Please confirm with staff for more details.

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Notice of Price Increase

The 2019 Ironstone Open

September 30 2019 Announcements

The Second 2019 OPEN is here.

The time of year all CrossFitters Love to hate and hate to love. This season we will take it as it comes – there are still many unknowns about the Open format but we will roll with it. We will continue with our normal routine of doing the Open workouts/heats as a Gym on Saturdays starting at 11 AM. The Open dates are October 12th, 19th, 26th, and November 2nd & 9th. The unfortunate part of this year is that the Open also spans two Holiday long-weekends in Canada: Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day. We will strive to keep the same routine but have arranged for a few modifications for last chance windows to counter the holiday (below).

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Open is a 5 week online competition put on by CrossFit Headquarters. Each Thursday they announce a workout and you must complete it and submit your score by Monday evening. Last year 400,000 people worldwide participated in the CrossFit Open and all their scores – from brand new athlete in their first week to Games veteran – appeared on the same leaderboard. At Ironstone we use this as an amazing opportunity to challenge ourselves, test how far we have come, and build a sense of pride and excitement in our community.

How will the Saturday workout run?

Every Saturday we will run heats from 11-3 PM. We will publish the heat schedule Friday evening so you have an idea when you are going. We will brief the workout and the movements standards at 11 AM promptly and the first heat will go shortly after so if you are in heat 1 or 2 that week you should arrive at 1030 and start warming up. People will volunteer to judge, heats will turn over quick, and before you know it the day will be over.

What if I can’t make Saturday?

First, we would ask that you please let Patrick know by Friday at noon so that he can remove you from the heat list before making the schedule. He will post reminder threads in the community group but if you know which days you will be absent please email him at the start of week 1 with the dates.

You will be able to make up your missed workout during Open gym BUT not while classes are running. The equipment requirements / space demands / noise are too much to run concurrent to classes. Look for space in the schedule between classes and be ready to get the workout done in that window of time. You will need to bring or arrange your own judge if this is the option you choose. As a second option, we will have a last chance to dance window on Monday evenings from 7:30-9 PM (regular weeks) or from 2-5 PM (Holidays). These typically attract several people so you can take turns judging each other.

How to Register:

  1. Go to games.crossfit.com and create a profile (or login if you have one).
  2. Register for the Open and choose CrossFit Ironstone as your affiliate
  3. Join the Ironstone Team inside our affiliate.
  4. Pay $20 USD to games.crossfit.com
  5. That’s it! No additional charges at the gym for participation.

Keep it in perspective!

In the end this is all for fun. Yes there are points, yes it is a “competition” with judges, and yes you will be held to a high standard of movement. However, most people who do the Open find the experience extremely rewarding and are thankful to test their resolve, eager to push the pace, and excited to try new challenges. Keep it all in perspective – it is about community and fun!