Effective 01 October 2022 Out rates will be increasing, key changes as follows (pre-tax):

Fitness Unlimited: $115/month to $120/month

Strength & Conditioning Unlimited: $140/month to $150/month

Premium: $155/month to $165/month

Personal Training will increase to $75/single session and $600/10 sessions.


Punch Cards and other rates will also increase. Please confirm with staff for more details.

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Ironstone Lifestyle Challenge: How-to

May 09 2020 Members

Ironstone Lifestyle Challenge

In order to help people focus on daily routines and habits while in self-isolation we have decided to run a simple lifestyle challenge through our BTWB app. This lifestyle challenge is self-report. No one is going to check up on you to see if you are logging the truth. Be honest with yourself and you will get better results. In this lifestyle challenge we are going to track 4 things other than your workouts: Mobility, Sleep, Diet, and how you felt. The questions themselves are simple so we have provided some additional guidelines below. You also need to keep recording your workouts in BTWB as that activity makes up part of the scoring. Remember that this is a challenge to help you stay motivated, not a judgement. If you don’t participate or you have a bad day be honest with yourself as to why – we promise no one cares (and we will all have “worse” days compared to good ones)

The challenge will run from 11 May to 7 June (4 weeks). If you post anything on social media tag #UnleashYou & #IronstoneLifestyle

How to get participate:

  1. Open your BTWB app.
  2. Click on the “Lifestyle” button.
  3. Answer 4 questions about yesterday. Regarding diet, sleep, mobility and how you feel.
  4. You will accumulate points based on your answers.
  5. Better answers will result in more points. More points symbolize your journey towards better health and fitness.
  6. Answer your lifestyle log questions via the whiteboard app daily.
  7. Continue to log your workouts as well. These are also scored!


  1. On the BTWB site on the top menu bar click on analyze tab.
  2. Scroll and click on lifestyle in the drop-down menu.
  3. Here you will see graphs and statistics based on your personal answers to track progress.
  4. There will be an overall athlete leaderboard for the challenge.
  5. Lifestyle leaderboard will update as you all answer questions.

For a visual how to guide follow this link

Additional guidelines for each lifestyle question:

Below is some guidance to make the basic framework of the BTWB challenge a little more interesting so that this is ACTUALLY a challenge. It isn’t supposed to be easy. We’ve included some “additional challenges” for each category for you to make it harder (scale up?)


  • There are hourly increments to choose from based on quantity. If it is borderline round down.
  • Be honest with yourself and include only quality sleep. Time in your bed playing on your phone doesn’t count.
  • Additional challenge: set a weekday bedtime target for yourself based on when you “know” you should be in bed. If you miss it by more than half an hour, decrease your sleep score by one increment no matter how late you slept in.

“Mobility” Work

  • This is for intentional recovery activities. For the sake of making this a CHALLENGE anything you do as part of your warm-up or cool down does not count.
  • Things that do count: Yoga, targeted stretching or mobility work, doing your physio protocol you’ve been assigned, active meditation or mindfulness (i.e. journaling, guided imagery etc).
  • Additional Challenge: Increase your score category by 1 higher if you perform the activity with no distractions (other than music)

How did you eat?

  • This one is a “good or bad”” scoring system which is pretty vague. You will need to decide but here is some guidelines.
  • Automatic BAD: You know you drastically over ate (binged, heavy snacking, etc), definitely under ate (skipped meals or way under calorie targets), had >1 alcoholic beverage, Did not eat any vegetables. Did not have a single glass of water.
  • Probably Bad: Ate almost all processed foods that come from packages, aren’t sure if you ate very much or enough protein, ate a whole box of cookies.
  • What is good? Veggies with most meals, enough protein and calories to support body comp and activity level, mostly unpackaged / cooked or prepared foods. Drank water to thirst.
  • Additional Challenge: If you track macros, good also means you hit your macro targets with a standard variance in addition to the above.

How did you feel?

  • Remember that this is “how did you feel yesterday?”
  • Waking up tired/exhausted, being extremely sore throughout the day, headaches,etc. All of these are often correlates of other lifestyle factors (sleep quality, hydration, warming up and cooling down, activity level, stress levels, etc) so this is a bit of a catch all.
  • Additional challenge: if you stay in bed for > 20 minutes after waking up, automatic bad.

Hopefully this additional guidance helps make this challenge a bit more interesting for you. Happy challenging!