Programming & Performance Coaching from Ironstone

There are many circumstances where regular group classes may not meet your individual needs. If you have an extremely specific fitness goal, are an athlete who competes in a specific sport, or prefer a fully customized 1 on 1 approach then Programming packages or Performance Coaching may be something you want to invest in. As always, the daily Competitive CrossFit Integration will continue to be free.

Remote Programming Access

Not a member of our gym but want to have access to all our daily class and competitor workouts in beyond the whiteboard? We can set you up with remote programming access through beyond the whiteboard for a small fee. If you are a member at Ironstone your beyond the whiteboard subscription in included in your membership.

Custom Programming Packages

If you are a sport specific athlete in certain disciplines you may be best served through custom individual programming. For instance, a competitive weightlifter with a leg strength deficiency needs programming specifically to practice weightlifting while simultaneously focusing on leg strength. An athlete set on running a marathon in 6 months will likewise need to set aside the group template to focus only on those workouts which will improve running performance in the short term. An athlete who chooses a custom programming package will need to make a 3 month commitment and will receive programming covering off that entire 3 month period.

On a smaller scale, an athlete who wants to focus on a few specific skills outside of general fitness program may do well with a goal biased program. Goal biased programming takes our existing group template and adds on 4-5 custom workouts per week that focus entirely on those attributes you want to develop. Perfect if, for instance, you have an obstacle race coming up next month and you want to push your performance.

Performance Coaching

Some athletes may need more than workouts and group classes to accomplish their goals. Our performance coaching program is designed to give you a strong, dedicated presence to help you on your athletic journey. Performance Coaching is not personal training sessions or even just someone to answer your questions; a 1-on-1 performance coach will tell you specifically how to scale and approach your workouts, give feedback based on your performance, do thoughtful video analysis of your technical lifts and meet with you weekly via Skype or in person (depending on your location). Performance coaching is oriented towards only those athletes that are striving for maximal performance and are willing to put in the work that their coach assigns to accomplish their goal. They are your partner in accountability and a force pushing you forward.

Athletes in the Performance Coaching Program will get discounts on many of our services including massage, nutrition coaching, personal training, and our programming packages if appropriate.

Our Performance Services

Remote Programming Access
$5.50 per month

Access to your workout programming on your computer or smart phone

Goal-BIased Programming
$50 per month

Get 4-5 custom accessory workouts each week

Custom Programming Package
$300 every 3 months

We’ll created all your weekly workouts for 3 months

Performance Coaching
$150 per month

Coaching only, additional programming services extra

Pricing & Availability

Programming requested are completed on a first come first serve basis and take some time to prepare. Please expect a minimum 2-week turn around from request to provision. Based on the specifics of your request we may need to follow-up with additional questions.

Performance coaching is a limited service and subject to coach availability and coach-athlete fit. Requests will require a short 2-way interview to determine if this is the right service for you.


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