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We are open but currently operating under COVID-19 Restrictions

Athlete of the Month: Jovana Duke

October 07 2016 Members

Every single member at CrossFit Ironstone contributes to our community, Jovana Duke is no exception. Having been with us from the beginning, her cheery demeanor brightens the gym every day she walks through the door. Always striving to improve her technique and performance, she also constantly cheers and motivates others to push harder and to just enjoy their time at the gym. Today we get to learn a little more about Jovana and make sure you go up and say hello any time you see her, she will be happy to greet you with a lovely British ‘ello’ and a cup of tea.

1. How old are you? what do you do for work?
Hi! I’m 29 and I work in insolvency.

2. Exercise/fitness background?
I’ve always enjoyed playing sports, being active and just generally moving about. As far as being part of a formal team or club goes, I trained karate for a number of years when I was younger, I played field hockey in high school, ice hockey at university and then roller derby most recently. Skating definitely beats walking or running .
3. When/how did you discover Crossfit? where you hooked right away or did you have any reservations?
My husband, Andrew, had been looking into it for a while and he did all the ground work. I had no idea what CrossFit was but I decided to tag along when he joined.

I wouldn’t say I was hooked from the off…  My main reservation with CrossFit came from having to incorporate a barbell into my life, which I found, and still find, incredibly challenging.
I am glad I stuck with it because I’m starting to enjoy trying to learn this new skill. It’s a great mental challenge, as well as a physical one, and the pay-off of getting stronger makes the tough days worthwhile. It’s also been very interesting to learn about these whole new worlds of Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting, and how CrossFit fits alongside those disciplines.
4. How has Crossfit impacted your daily life?

It has impacted my whole life in immeasurable ways. That sounds a little bit dramatic, but it really has! I try and make it to class on most weekdays after work and at the weekend. It’s a portion of time I can dedicate to focusing on something that isn’t work related or on a to-do list, whist improving my physical well-being. It really is the best form of procrastination!

It’s also very much a social thing and it is lovely to see so many friendly faces after a tough or long day.

5. Have your views on nutrition changed? what is your approach?
I didn’t really have any particular views on nutrition before starting CrossFit.
Being part of a community where people apply a holistic approach to well-being has certainly been pivotal in guiding me to better understand the connection between nutrition, fitness and health.
My views on nutrition have also shifted as my goals have changed from exercising to try and maintain a specific body weight, to trying to get stronger and fitter. I’ve really had to re-evaluate my relationship with food as a part of this.
So I guess my approach is learning from others as much as I can and trying to figure out what works for me. At the moment, that means focusing on eating balanced meals, non-processed foods and eating more than I think I should!
6. Do you have a favourite post wod go to meal/snack? favourite cheat?
Edamame! I’m not very diligent with having protein shakes or anything like that, but I really like edamame as a quick little snack before dinner is ready. I cheat all of the time… moderation in moderation and all that….
7. What can we find you doing outside of Crossfit to stay active?
I walk to work everyday which is about a 5k round trip. I also like to take advantage of seasonal outdoor activities, like biking and snowboarding.

8. What would be 2 fun facts we do not know about you?

1. English is not my first language.

2. When I was 10 I was on a short-lived TV show called “Toonatics” on the BBC. I think I still have the VHS somewhere…