Athlete of the Month Mike Egan

May 19 2015 Members

Meet our athlete of the month Mike Egan! Mike is a great part of our community here at CFIS, and shows up ready to give his all and get the most of the day no matter what is written on the board that day. Mike understands that his fitness is exactly that “his” he is not one to compare and be in competition with others, but realizes that the goal is to simply be better than he was the day before. Mike will not think twice to “scale” a WOD to his fitness needs! He is also not afraid to put the work in to learn new skills and perfect his technique. Mike respects his body and the process of fitness being a life long journey. He realizes that it is more than just a workout. Mike eats well, attends mobility classes and is not afraid to take a rest day when needed. He very active role in class being a positive example to everyone around him, whether that is saying hello and introducing himself to a new member or encouraging others through the workout that day.

1. Age/Occupation

I’m 32 years old and I work for myself as a Consulting Web Designer. That’s my fancy way to say that every day I get to design and build really cool websites and apps for people from all over the Internets.

2. How did you discover CrossFit?

About 5 years ago I was working in the US on an exercise program website with then-local fitness personality Chris Powell (now of TV’s Extreme Weight Loss fame.) The program used scaled versions of the same movements we use in CF. To prove anybody could do it he ran all of the staff through a week’s worth of beginner-level WODs. I felt awful! I remember nearly passing out in the change room on the first morning.

Fast forward to 2013. I was partially into an “OMG you’re in your 30s now you should get healthy” kick. Running and eating healthier were helping but I felt like I needed more in my routine. I decided to sign up at the closest CrossFit affiliate and give it a shot. I met other first-timers (Hi Dave and Rozie!) and somehow I’m still doing it.

3. What was your fitness experience prior to CF?

I played team sports when I was a kiddo but my baseball career was cut short when I broke my leg in a Wrestlemania-related accident. Gloves and cleats were swapped for musical instruments and computers and didn’t really do much else outside of a few fizzled New Years resolutions at traditional gyms.

4. Do you remember your first wod? How did you feel after that?

I don’t recall exactly what was in my first WOD but it likely involved an empty bar or at most a lonely pair of 10s. It was humbling but I was proud that I showed up and eventually finished. Afterwards I collapsed on the floor as was my custom for the first few months.

5. Do you have a favorite/least favorite WOD?

Some of you will cringe but my favourite WOD is Karen. I love wall balls and the challenge of giving consistent effort on a single movement over a long period of time. Usually we do varied movements in WODs but sometimes it’s a nice to focus on one thing and get a solid benchmark. Plus I’m pretty tall, so 10ft ain’t a thang.

I don’t have a least favourite but I still struggle with those that involve overhead squats. I’m working hard to correct a decade’s worth of bad velociraptor-like posture from sitting in front of a computer for long hours. Mobility class is definitely my friend.

6. How has CF changed your life and or lifestyle?

It’s given me so much more confidence in myself and my abilities. The word “can’t” no longer exists in my life. Whether it’s a physical challenge, a work task or *gasp* a new social situation, CrossFit has turned me into a born-again optimist.

7. Any advice to those who feel too intimidated to try CF?

I let that stupid little voice keep me from joining CF for years and I really wish I hadn’t. It’s alright to feel weird getting out of your comfort zone but you should never talk yourself out of trying. CrossFit is hard work. Sometimes really hard work. But the rewards I gain far outlast the temporary aches and bruises.

8. Favorite go to meal

I’m a big supporter of eating local so I eat whatever I can grab and take home from the farmers’ market on a given weekend. In BBQ season my favourite is grilling up a skirt steak from Getaway Farm and making fajitas.

9. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Make sure to say hello and get to know the people you sweat with. CrossFit was an unexpectedly social experience for me. There’s a sense of community and fellowship that keeps us a part of each other’s lives far after the workout is complete. If you can embrace it you’ll gain an entirely new circle of friends who will motivate you each and every day.