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We are open but currently operating under COVID-19 Restrictions

Athlete of the Month Ollie Poole

July 11 2016 Members

We would like to introduce Ollie Poole as our Athlete of the Month. Ollie is an inspiration to us all by working extremely hard inside and outside of the gym. Ollie understands how important it is to make his health and fitness a priority no matter how busy life may be. Ollie is currently attending medical school and also works as a respiratory therapist, so lets just agree he is a busy guy. We all love Ollies energy in the gym, he is always encouraging and supportive to everyone around him. We also look forward to seeing Emily and of course their very cute four legged best friend Pimm.


1. Age/fitness background?

26 years old. I played a lot of sports growing up but mostly Rugby. I did a triathlon last summer which was fun.

2. How did you discover CF? when did you get started

I discovered CrossFit through my brother. Last summer he came out to visit me looking like some sort of sculpture…It was sickening. I asked him “what did this to you!?” and he said “CrossFit”… I immediately googled ‘CrossFit Halifax’, and a few gyms popped up. I knew nothing about where to go so I messaged Clint and he guided me home to Ironstone. I got started at the end of August 2015.

3. What has been your biggest achievement so far ?

I try to work hard on things I suck at. Gymnastics is hard at 210lbs so doing 15 unbroken Toes-to-bar in 16.2 was a good feeling. They were pretty bad before! I also strung 3 muscle ups together recently which was pretty cool.

4. What would you say is your biggest weakness and how do you plan on working to improve it?

 My biggest weakness would probably be heavy snatches. I have shoulder issues from rugby days so committing to throwing big weight over my head is nerve wrecking! To improve, I plan on getting my butt to the brand new Oly lifting classes on the weekend and nailing down my form before I go heavy. That, and hanging out with Lisa at mobility class!

5. What is your top 2 goals in Crossfit in the next year?

Improving my weaknesses, constantly learning, and being well-rounded are my goals in life, but also apply to CF. Specific to CF I want to:

1. log 300 workout days in 2016. I know if I get to the gym, the Ironstone atmosphere and the awesome programming will do the rest.

2. 100 unbroken double unders!

6. Why did you choose to go to med school?

I can never think of a way to answer this question that doesn’t sound cheesy. I think its probably a mix of curiosity about science and the human body, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of those who need it. Evolution has given us an incredible machine to work with and I enjoying learning about it every day. Getting the opportunity to help people while doing something you enjoy is pretty special.

7. Being so busy with school and life, how do you find time to CF?

I think the beauty of CF is that you don’t have to think about what you’re gonna do once you get to the gym because its programmed. You just go, do the work, and go home. Its perfect for busy people.I study better after working out anyway so its a win-win for me!

8. What can we find you doing on your free time besides CrossFit?

Outside of school, working as a Respiratory Therapist, CrossFit and studying there isn’t a huge amount of free time to talk about. Probably out with Emily walking Pimm, or at home doing nothing. I like to go golfing in the summer.

9. Favourite thing about CrossFit Ironstone?

Too many to pick one!


Firstly the people! I’ve made some amazing friends in my short time at Ironstone, and was immediately made to feel ‘part of the gang’. I come to the gym just as much to see everyone as I do to workout. I love that the coaches are extremely vigilant around technique. Pat once gave me a talking to for trying to clean more weight than I should (and could!). I had a bruised ego for about 10 seconds but really appreciated that he said something. Witnessing the amazing ladies at our gym giving the middle finger to this ridiculous societal notion that women shouldn’t be strong, fit, and comfortable with their bodies!

Also… dogstacle courses.