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Shoulder Health Clinic Part 1:

July 04 2015 Injury Prevention

A few weeks back Dr. Warren Hefford (BSc, DC, CSCS, RCCSS(Resident) and Lisa McNeil, RMT put on a fabulous shoulder health clinic as part of our ongoing seminar series. In it they talked shoulder mechanics, common faults, and common shoulder injuries including pain patterns, symptoms, basic diagnostics, and targeted mobility work for cleaning them up. We will summarize the basics for reference material here over 3 posts, starting first with Anterior Shoulder Impingement notes.

Tissue Mobilization

  • Blue Angel (KS) (peanut)
  • supraspinatus tendon (peanut)
  • deltoid-wall (peanut)
  • upper trap (broomstick)
  • posterior capsule (KS)(peanut)

Joint Mobilization

T/S extension (roller and peanut)

active scapular mobilization

  • protraction
  • retraction
  • elevation
  • depression
  • front wall slides

active glenohumeral mobilization

  • internal rotation in flexion
  • weighted internal rotation

sleeper stretch with PNF

reverse sleeper stretch (KS)